New Book on Student Faith Communities

Dr. Ahern is pleased to announce the publication of his new book, God’s Quad: Small Faith Communities on Campus and Beyond (Orbis Books, 2018) edited by Dr. Ahern  and Christopher Derige Malano of the Newman Center at the University of Hawaii–Manoa. 9781626982871

God’s Quad explores the power and potential of small Christian communities for college and university students inside and outside academic settings. Contributors from five continents (including several groups linked to the global Catholic youth movements) offer case studies of best practices and practical tools for creating and maintaining Christian communities for young adults, both within and beyond academic settings. Toolkits include practical guides to organize weekly meetings, including guides on the review of life (see-judge-act) and spirituality of action.

The release of the book was organized with three public events at America Media in New York, Hekima College in Nairobi, Kenya and at the Jesuit Curia in Rome.

Young Catholics and the Synod: Statement by Global Youth Movements to the Synod

Daily Theology

IMG_1085Over the past two years, we have been involved in an international research project to study and engage best practices in student and young adult apostolates.[1] We have collected good practices and models of small faith communities[2] of, for, and by Catholic university students from over a dozen countries. Some of these are highlighted in a book, God’s Quad: Small Faith Communities on Campus and Beyond (Orbis Books, 2018). Along with the book, we have held “listening sessions,” most recently in Nairobi, New York, and Rome. Our goal is to engage more voices of young people in the process of the Synod. From these events and our research, six key messages surface. The following statement is endorsed by three international movements: The International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS-Pax Romana)The International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (ICMICA-Pax Romana)The International Young Catholic Students…

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